The Mediterranean Growth Initiative aims to refocus the lens on the Mediterranean through data and analysis by providing open access to data, forecasts and analysis covering the markets of the Mediterranean. It is aimed at investors, policymakers, and analysts, as well anyone who wants to gain an in-depth understanding of the region and its potential.

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Latest Data Updates:

21 November 2018: Real GDP (2018Q2) and CPI (Sept. 2018) for Algeria• Unemployment Rate and Employment (2018Q3) for Egypt•CPI (Oct. 2018) for Lebanon•IPI (Sept. 2018) for Tunisia

20 November 2018: IPI (Sept. 2018) for Israel•Unemployment Rate and Employment - Register Data (Sept. 2018) for Bosnia and Herzegovina•Unemployment Rate (2018Q3) for France

19 November 2018: Employment - Register Data (Sept. 2018) for Slovenia•CPI (Oct. 2018), Real GDP and Unemployment Rate (2018Q3) for Israel

16 November 2018: CPI (Oct. 2018) for Croatia•IPI (Sept. 2018) for Turkey

15 November 2018: Real GDP, Unemployment Rate and Employment (2018Q3) for Tunisia•Unemployment Rate and Employment (Aug. 2018) for Turkey