About MGI

As Europe’s frontline to Africa, The Mediterranean is the least connected, untapped region.  There is significant potential for risk tolerant, risk averse and risk neutral investors, for any portfolio that looks to diversify its geographic risk pool, industry and services sectors.

The Mediterranean Growth Initiative (MGI) is an independent, private sector undertaking supporting thinking and doing around the Mediterranean.

The MGI rests on two key pillars: understanding the region and its potential using data and analysis, and bringing together key decision-makers and investors. 

We are the one - stop hub of publicly available data for the Mediterranean. MGI.online launched in April 2017, provides direct access to data, forecasts and analysis covering the countries of the Mediterranean.

A Unique Proposition

  • Regional lens: Mgi.online is the only data and analysis platform focusing on the Mediterranean as a region. Data based evidence is critical to governance, policy making and investment decisions giving context to opportunity and risk. To offer a regional lens, data is uniquely aggregated using cutting edge methodologies.

  • Data hub, real time: The MGI’s National Statistics (NATSTATS) section and release calendar provides key data from national authorities, updated in near real-time. This set of data is difficult and expensive to obtain outside of expensive subscription-based services.

  • Methodology: We use cutting edge techniques, combining human and artificial intelligence, to develop agenda-free forecasts for thousands of series, which are offered to mgi.online users. For the vast majority of these series no other publicly available forecasts exist.

  • Proprietary: Our proprietary Mediterranean Economic Prospects Index (MEPI) provides a benchmarking tool combining complex information into a single index gauging the economic prospects of the different countries of the Med.

  • Endorsements & Networks: Endorsed by the World Bank in our MoU with the Center for Mediterranean Integration; contributor to Bloomberg’s survey of professional forecasters.

Our niche expertise is premised on our long experience in advising governments on measuring and forecasting policy impact and outcomes; working with corporations on market entry strategies and evidence based decision making; an in depth understanding of governance in defining risk at board level.

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