In its third year, the MGI is now a dynamic platform of data and analytics on the economies of the Mediterranean region.

As markets and societies create new paradigms, political discourse must renew itself in order to respond to a changing trade, investment and security landscape.

The MGI aims to offer data and analytics to better inform policy, political and investment decisions.

The policy and investment lens on the Mediterranean must refocus.

For example, IFIs and the EU propose investments combining their institutional capital with  private capital; in order for the Mediterranean region to benefit and for multilateral institutions to have impact it would necessitate practical thinking and doing such as:

  • A better understanding, structuring and sharing of financial, governance and investment risk;
  • Capital to be accessed directly by small and medium sized business through digital governance and clearing methods;
  • Angel investors to coach young enterpreneurs;
  • Capacity building and investment to offer jobs for nurses, pharmacists, school teachers, skilled technicians, farmers and food producers;
  • Infrastructure and technology to connect resources, urban and rural areas.

In the medium term we can see a connected region beyond borders.

In the long term, as international business adapts and creates value by connecting hubs of niche expertise, technology and capacity we can see the Mediterranean connected to global trade and investment as a hub of multiple niches: technology, resources, transport,  food production and processing, healthcare, wellness and more.

If the right, practical policies and governance frameworks are set in place, the Mediterranean can add to the world’s and to Europe’s economy and security, offer a new dimension to international investors’ opportunities and open new markets for international trade.

The MGI wants to offer a window to the Med and connect an ever-growing network of decision makers to its potential.  

Join us on this journey.

Cleopatra Kitti, Founder 

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