The Mediterranean Growth Initiative and its platform will celebrate its 5th anniversary in 2020.

We are committed to our vision of presenting evidence-based analysis for the region’s potential in global trade, its value and supply chains and to provide a centralised data hub for investors seeking to diversify risk. The strength of the Mediterranean lies in its diversity and this applies to its market risk profile as well.

This year, we have presented bespoke data analysis - presenting it with infographics to capture the essence of the evidence – on the themes of Brexit and the Mediterranean markets; gender and work; girls and education and highlighted country performance in  economic prospect within the Mediterranean region.

The platform has become and will continue to be an important reference point for understanding the potential of the Mediterranean. As data analysis, benchmarking and forecasting are increasingly becoming a valuable asset for measuring policy impact, socio-economic reporting increasingly feed into alternative data modeling for investment decisions.

It is with gratitude that I would like to thank our supporters and partners who share the vision of a connected Mediterranean. We are looking forward to welcoming new opportunities to promote intra-regional business and investment opportunities for a sustainable future for us all.  The Mediterranean region must become a connected, productive region, building on its diversity, culture and geographic location, connecting East and West and as Europe’s frontline to Africa.