Gender & Education

Education is a building block for prosperous, stable and sustainable societies. Girls’ education, in particular, generates some of the highest returns of all development investments, yielding both private and social benefits that accrue to individuals and families. In this series of infographics, we shed light on educational attainment around the Med and explore what progress the nations of the Mediterranean have made over the past years in reducing gender gaps in education.

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January 11,Morocco - Greatest reduction 1200x1200.png

Greatest reduction in out-of-school children in the Med

Over 94% of Morocco’s children now go to school, up from 30% for girls and 51% for boys in 1975

January 17,Lebanon - Largest gender gap  1200x1200.png

Largest education gender gap in the Med

Amongst the countries of the Mediterranean, Lebanon records the largest gender gap in school attendance

January 20,EU Med - Girls out of school 1200x1200.png

Girls out of school in EU Med countries

Close to 7% of girls don’t attend primary school in Greece – no other EU Med country has an equivalent figure of more than 2%

January 31, Syrian - The toll of war 1200x1200.png

The toll of war

The most recent data from 2013, two years into the Syrian Civil War, shows that 2 million Syrian children did not attend school. That’s 60% of the total

New North AfricanArtboard 25@4x-8.png

Girls out of school in North Africa

North African countries experienced a steep drop in the number of girls out of primary school since the turn of the century, with every country except Morocco having now achieved virtually full participation

MGI AlbaniaArtboard 46@4x-8.png

Girls’ school attendance in non-EU Med countries

There’s been a significant increase in girls’ primary school attendance in Albania, but an alarming decrease in Turkey and Montenegro

Palestinian Territories 1200x1200.png

Children not attending school in the Palestinian Territories

In the past ten years, the percentage of children not attending school has more than halved in the Palestinian Territories

Breaking the stereotypes 1200x1200.png

Breaking the stereotypes

Egypt has the highest female participation in primary education amongst Muslim-majority Med countries, while more than 98% of girls now go to school in Algeria and Tunisia

Women in academia_Albania 1200x1200.png

Women in academia: Albania

In Albania, the share of female academic staff in tertiary education has doubled since 1991, reaching 56% in 2017 – the highest value amongst the Mediterranean countries

Women in academia_North Africa 1200x1200.png

Women in academia: North Africa

Amongst North African countries, Morocco has the lowest share of female academic staff in tertiary education

Women in academia_EU Med 1200x1200.png

Women in academia: EU Med countries

Academia in EU Med countries is still dominated by men, but women have been closing the gap